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1 week ago 2023-09-20 16:15

Unpacking our emotional triggers

In this Forest session, we will explore the various emotional triggers that can contribute to difficult emotional responses. We will delve into the underlying causes that can lead to challenging emotions, and identify ways to better manage and regulate our reactions to them. Through this process, we can develop a greater understanding of our emotional self and gain insight into the internal factors that can sometimes prompt a negative emotional response. Join us on this journey to uncover and better understand our triggers.

Hosted By
Kavisha Chandrakassi
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South Africa

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What will we cover?

Increase understanding of triggers
This Forest session will help you gain insight into your emotional triggers, allowing for a better understanding of how to manage and regulate your reactions.
Identify causes of negative reactions
This Forest session can help us identify the causes of our negative reactions, allowing us to better understand and manage our emotions.
Develop better emotional regulation
This Forest session can help you develop better emotional regulation by exploring the underlying causes of difficult emotions and identifying ways to better manage and regulate your reactions to them.
Gain insight into internal factors
This Forest session will help you gain insight into the underlying internal factors that can cause difficult emotional responses, allowing you to better manage and regulate your reactions.

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