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Weekly workplace connect

Join us every Monday at 8 am for our Weekly Workplace Connect. Discuss the challenges and successes of the workplace with a mental health professional and a supportive community. Come share your experiences and gain new perspectives from those around you. Feel free to ask questions and be part of the conversation in a safe, open environment. Gain insight into the dynamics of the workplace and explore how you can better navigate it.

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Senzekile Shongwe
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What will we cover?

Improved stress management
Weekly Workplace Connect helps with improved stress management by providing a safe, supportive environment to discuss workplace challenges and successes with a mental health professional.
Increased self-awareness
The Weekly Workplace Connect provides an opportunity to reflect on workplace dynamics and gain increased self-awareness.
Enhanced communication skills
Weekly Workplace Connect offers a safe and supportive space to practice communication skills and gain insight into workplace dynamics.
Enhanced workplace understanding
This session provides an opportunity to gain insight into the dynamics of the workplace and explore how to better navigate it, helping to enhance understanding.

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