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1 week ago 2023-09-20 21:00

Estabilising healthy relationships

This Forest session, "Establishing Healthy Relationships", will help participants explore the fundamentals of maintaining healthy relationships. The session will focus on topics such as communication, boundaries, identifying safe people, and understanding how to navigate conflict resolution. Participants will have the opportunity to discuss their experiences, learn from each other, and receive feedback on how to nurture positive connections. The session is designed to provide an open and safe space for individuals to learn and grow together.

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What will we cover?

Establishing boundaries
This Forest session will provide a safe space for participants to learn about and discuss how to set and maintain healthy boundaries.
Effective communication
This Forest session helps participants develop effective communication skills to build and maintain healthy relationships.
Identifying safe people
This Forest session helps participants learn how to recognize and identify healthy relationships, while avoiding those that may be harmful.
Conflict resolution
This session provides a safe space to develop the skills needed to resolve conflicts in healthy relationships.

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