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2 months ago 2023-03-31 13:00

Open line with Pfarelo

Join us for an "Open Line with Pfarelo" session for a safe space to discuss mental health and wellbeing. This digital group therapy session is moderated by a professional therapist and is designed to provide support and resources on topics such as coping with stress, managing depression, and building resilience. Have your questions answered and come away with practical strategies to improve your mental health. Let's talk about what hurts and what helps your mental health!

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Pfarelo Mathivha
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What will we cover?

Coping with stress
This session provides a supportive environment to share experiences and receive advice on coping with stress.
Managing depression
This session can provide strategies and resources to help manage depression.
Building resilience
This "Open Line with Pfarelo" session provides practical strategies to help build resilience and navigate difficult mental health topics.
Improving mental health
This Forest session provides a supportive environment to discuss mental health and offers practical strategies to help improve it.