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3 days ago 2023-03-21 21:00

Open line with Kavisha

Join us for "Open Line with Kavisha," a free digital group therapy session with a mental health professional. Here you can find answers to any questions related to mental health, as well as discuss issues that both hurt and help your mental health. We invite you to come with an open mind, ready to explore and discuss issues related to mental health in a safe, supportive environment. With the help of our mental health professional, you can gain a better understanding of your mental health and learn ways to improve it.

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Kavisha Chandrakassi
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What will we cover?

Increased understanding of mental health
This session provides a safe and supportive environment to gain increased understanding of mental health.
Improved mental health knowledge
This session helps to provide a safe and supportive environment to learn and discuss mental health, giving participants the opportunity to gain improved mental health knowledge.
Safe and supportive environment
This Forest session provides a safe and supportive environment for open exploration and discussion of mental health issues.
Ways to improve mental wellbeing
This free session provides an opportunity to gain insight and guidance on how to improve your mental wellbeing.

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