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5 days ago 2023-03-25 18:00

Navigating relationships after trauma

This session will provide attendees with the opportunity to explore the impact of trauma on relationships, and gain insight into strategies for healing and recovery. Participants will learn how to recognize signs of trauma in themselves and others, develop resilience and coping skills, and build the skills to navigate relationships in the aftermath of trauma. With the guidance of a mental health professional, attendees will have the chance to identify their own needs and develop a plan that works for them.

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Kavisha Chandrakassi
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What will we cover?

Recognizing trauma signs in self and others.
This session will help attendees recognize signs of trauma in themselves and others, so they can better understand and manage their own relationship struggles.
Building resilience and coping skills.
This session will help attendees learn strategies for building resilience and coping skills to manage the aftermath of trauma and navigate relationships.
Identifying needs and setting goals.
This session will help you identify your needs and set achievable goals to help you heal and move forward in your relationships after trauma.
Navigating relationships after trauma.
This session will help attendees gain insight and build the skills to heal and navigate relationships after trauma.

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