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Mindful middays with Claudia

Join us for "Mindful Midday with Claudia," a daily 15-minute session designed to give you a moment of respite and self-care. Relax, recharge, and reset your mind and body in the middle of your busy day. About Claudia: Claudia is a dedicated psychosocial support worker with a passion for advocating for mental health, especially within the South African context. She is committed to breaking down stigmas and providing assistance to those in need. Please remember that Panda provides educational and supportive content, but it is not a substitute for professional care. If you require clinical assistance, please seek help from a licensed healthcare provider. In case of emergencies, please contact your nearest emergency department or use the emergency button on our app.

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Relaxation and stress relief during the busy workday.
"Mindful Midday with Claudia" offers a brief daily session to help individuals take a break, destress, and cultivate a sense of relaxation and self-care during their busy workday.
Cultivating mindfulness and self-care practices.
"Mindful Midday with Claudia" offers a daily 15-minute session to help cultivate mindfulness and self-care practices, providing a moment of respite and relaxation during the busy day.
Breaking down stigmas and promoting mental health advocacy.
"Mindful Midday with Claudia" provides a brief daily opportunity for self-care and relaxation, contributing to breaking down stigmas around mental health and promoting advocacy by offering accessible support and education.
Providing a daily moment of respite and rejuvenation.
"Mindful Midday with Claudia" offers a daily 15-minute session for individuals to pause and prioritize self-care, promoting a sense of respite and rejuvenation amidst the busyness of the day.

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