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5 days ago 2023-05-26 20:00

Rebuilding your life: Healing and thriving after addiction

In this session, we will explore the challenges that come with recovery from addiction and provide practical strategies for repairing relationships, developing new passions, and pursuing meaningful goals. We will focus on building resilience and creating a life filled with purpose and fulfillment after addiction. Participants will learn how to create a sense of balance in their lives, set achievable goals, and cultivate meaningful relationships that support their recovery. Through this session, you will gain the tools and skills to create a vibrant life after addiction and find joy in the process of rebuilding.

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Mbali Mashaba
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What will we cover?

Building resilience
This session provides practical strategies to build resilience and create a life filled with purpose and fulfillment after addiction.
Achieving goals
This session will provide tools and strategies to help you set and achieve realistic goals to build a vibrant life after addiction.
Establishing relationships
This session will give you the tools and skills to create meaningful relationships that support your recovery and help you establish a new life.
Finding joy in recovery
This session will help you learn how to create a life of meaning and joy during and after recovery from addiction.

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