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16 hours ago 2023-03-19 20:00

Maintaining connection while working remotely

Join us for an insightful and interactive session about staying connected and taking care of your mental health while working remotely. Our dedicated mental health professional will provide an exploration into the unique challenges of staying connected, reducing isolation, and maintaining well-being in a remote setting. Attendees will benefit from learning how to cultivate meaningful connections in an online environment, how to combat feelings of isolation, and how to practice self care while working remotely. Let's come together to discuss strategies and tips for staying healthy, connected, and motivated during this difficult time.

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Kavisha Chandrakassi
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What will we cover?

Reducing isolation.
This session will help attendees learn how to cultivate meaningful connections online and combat feelings of isolation so they can stay connected and motivated while working remotely.
Cultivating meaningful connections.
This session will provide practical tips and strategies for cultivating meaningful connections in an online environment.
Practicing self care.
This session will provide helpful strategies and tips for practicing self-care while working remotely, helping to maintain mental health and well-being.
Staying motivated.
This session will provide strategies and tips for staying motivated while working remotely.

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