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1 week ago 2023-03-22 13:00

Open line with Pfarelo

Join us for an open line with Pfarelo – a mental health professional – where you can ask questions and receive support and advice about mental health. This is a unique opportunity to discuss the challenges of mental health and to find ways to improve your wellbeing. Pfarelo is here to provide a safe and supportive environment to talk openly and honestly, so come and get the help and advice you need.

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Pfarelo Mathivha
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What will we cover?

Building resilience
This session with Pfarelo provides an opportunity to gain support and advice to build resilience and improve mental health.
Increasing awareness
This session will help increase awareness of mental health issues and provide support and advice on how to better manage and improve overall wellbeing.
Developing self-care
This Forest session provides a safe and supportive environment to discuss and learn about self-care strategies to help improve your mental health and wellbeing.
Enhancing communication
This open line with Pfarelo provides an opportunity to enhance communication about mental health, fostering an environment of understanding, support, and advice.