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2 weeks ago 2023-09-20 10:30

Coping with change and staying grounded

Change is an inevitable part of life, but it can be difficult to manage. Join us for this Forest session, where we will examine how to effectively handle transitions, both major and minor. We will discuss practical techniques for remaining centered and composed in the face of change, helping to reduce stress and uncertainty. Come learn the skills and mindsets that will equip you to tackle any change with confidence. Join us as we discover how to stay grounded and navigate life's ever-changing landscape.

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Annuschkè L
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South Africa

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What will we cover?

Managing transitions
This Forest session will help you learn practical techniques for managing transitions, so you can remain centered and composed in the face of change.
Reducing stress
This session will provide practical tools and techniques to help reduce stress when faced with life's changes.
Developing confidence
This session will help you develop confidence by providing practical techniques and mindsets to help you tackle any change with ease and assurance.
Navigating change
This Forest session will provide tools and techniques to help you confidently navigate change and stay grounded.

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