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19 hours ago 2023-03-20 21:00

Open line with Pfarelo

Welcome to "Open Line with Pfarelo", a free digital group therapy session hosted by Panda! Here, you can get support and resources for mental health from our dedicated mental health professional. Together, we can explore what helps and what hurts your mental health, and discuss how to manage stress and make positive changes in your life. Join us for this open dialogue and find the necessary resources to help you in your journey.

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Pfarelo Mathivha
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What will we cover?

Stress management
This session provides a supportive space to discuss strategies for managing stress and making positive changes.
Developing positive habits
This session can help you develop positive habits by providing support and resources for mental health and exploring positive coping strategies.
Connecting with support system
This session provides an opportunity to connect with a supportive network and gain valuable resources to help manage mental health.
Accessing mental health resources
This session provides an open dialogue and access to resources to help you manage your mental health.

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Open line with Pfarelo
I am here to answer any questions related to mental health. Let's discuss what hurts and what helps your mental health.