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2 months ago 2023-03-27 16:00

Let's talk about mental health

Welcome to the Forest, a free digital group therapy session dedicated to mental health! During our time together, I am here to help you explore and understand any issues or questions related to mental health that you may have. No matter the situation, we can work together to find solutions and provide support. It is my goal to provide a safe and comfortable space for open dialogue about mental health topics. All opinions and perspectives are welcome here. I look forward to hearing what is on your mind and working together to find answers.

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Katlego Mphahlele
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What will we cover?

Stress reduction
This Forest session helps to reduce stress by providing a safe and supportive space to discuss mental health topics and explore solutions together.
Mental health support
This session provides a safe and open space to discuss mental health issues and find solutions together.
Problem-solving strategies
This Forest session provides a platform to discuss mental health issues and explore problem-solving strategies in a safe and supportive environment.
Open dialogue about mental health
This Forest session provides an open and supportive environment for discussing mental health topics.

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