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1 month ago 2023-04-12 19:00

Living with & beating cancer with Lorraine Voges

Join us in the Forest for an interactive session with Lorraine Voges, a holistic counsellor specialising in counselling for those affected by cancer. This session offers a supportive and uplifting environment for those affected by cancer, their loved ones, and anyone facing a health challenge. Our goal is to provide hope and inspiration by connecting, learning, and finding encouragement. Lorraine is experienced in counselling for depression, anxiety, grief, loss, trauma, crisis, stress, burnout, relationship, couples, cancer, palliative emotional support, and any other general counselling needs.

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What will we cover?

Coping with depression.
This session provides support and guidance for those coping with depression, helping to create a safe and uplifting environment to find hope and encouragement.
Managing anxiety.
This Forest session provides a supportive environment to learn about managing anxiety and to find encouragement for those affected by cancer or any other health challenge.
Dealing with grief and loss.
This session offers a safe space for those dealing with grief and loss due to cancer, as well as providing guidance and encouragement from a compassionate, experienced counsellor.
Overcoming trauma.
This session provides support and guidance to help those affected by cancer and other trauma to find hope, strength, and courage to manage their lives and build resilience.