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Reoikantse Shadi

Are you a fan of Reoikantse Shadi? Here are all the upcoming sessions for you to join!

4 days from now // 2023-10-09 10:00
Mindfulness as a Tool for Managing Grief
Learn how practicing mindfulness can support the healing process and help navigate through grief. Explore techniques and perspectives that can foster resilience, acceptance, and a deeper understanding of loss.

4 days from now // 2023-10-09 10:30
Letting Go of Negativity and Embracing Positivity
In this session, participants will explore strategies to release negative thought patterns and cultivate a mindset of positivity. Through practical exercises and discussions, attendees will learn how to let go of limiting beliefs, embrace self-compassion, and harness the power of positive thinking in their daily lives.

4 days from now // 2023-10-09 11:00
Understanding Depression and its Many Facets
Explore the complexities of depression, examining its various aspects and gaining a deeper understanding of this mental health condition. Discover the different factors contributing to depression and learn how it can manifest in individuals in unique ways.

6 days from now // 2023-10-10 12:15
What is High Functioning Depression?
This session will explore high functioning depression and offer practical strategies to cope.

6 days from now // 2023-10-10 14:00
Desk Escape with Reo
Join us as we guide you through gentle stretches and movements, releasing tension, rejuvenating your body, and creating a calm and refreshed state of mind to carry you through the rest of the day.

6 days from now // 2023-10-10 14:15
The Grieving Process: Understanding its Phases
Learn about the different phases of the grieving process and gain a deeper understanding of how individuals cope with loss, helping you navigate the complexities of grief and provide support to others.

6 days from now // 2023-10-11 09:00
How High Self-esteem Leads to a Fulfilling Life
Explore how the power of high self-esteem can create a chain reaction of positive outcomes that lead to a deeply satisfying and meaningful life. Unlock the secrets to enhancing your self-worth and uncover the transformative impact it can have across various aspects of your personal and professional journey.

1 week from now // 2023-10-11 12:00
Mindful middays with Reo
In this daily 15-minute session, we invite you to take a break from the demands of your day and join us to reconnect, recharge, and reset your mind and body.

1 week from now // 2023-10-11 12:15
Coping Mechanisms to Handle Workplace Anxiety
Learn effective coping mechanisms for managing workplace anxiety and improve productivity in this Forest session. Gain insights and practical tips to enhance mental well-being and maintain a positive mindset in the face of workplace challenges, ultimately boosting your overall performance and professional growth.

1 week from now // 2023-10-11 14:00
Desk escape with Reo
Unwind and prepare for a blissful end to your workday as we take 15 minutes to stretch and reset. Join us as we guide you through gentle stretches and movements, releasing tension, rejuvenating your body, and creating a calm and refreshed state of mind to carry you through the rest...

1 week from now // 2023-10-11 14:15
Mindfulness in Everyday Life
Learn how to incorporate mindfulness practices into your daily routine and develop new habits that promote a sense of awareness, calmness, and presence in all aspects of your life. Explore practical techniques and strategies for cultivating mindfulness and experience the transformative effects it can have on your overall well-being.

1 week from now // 2023-10-11 16:00
Rediscovering Your Life Purpose after Loss
Explore strategies for finding new direction and purpose in life after experiencing loss, as leading experts provide insights and guidance to help you rediscover your identity and navigate the challenges of rebuilding and moving forward.

1 week from now // 2023-10-12 15:00
Enhancing Resilience to Combat Feelings of Desperation
Learn strategies to enhance emotional resilience and combat feelings of desperation in this Forest session, as experts share insights on coping mechanisms and techniques to overcome self harm tendencies.

1 week from now // 2023-10-12 17:00
Weekly students’ support circle
Are you balancing life with being a university student? Join the session where we discuss managing the pressures and stress of academic life.

1 week from now // 2023-10-15 11:00
Unlearning Unhealthy Coping Mechanisms
This session will explore effective ways to support loved ones in unlearning harmful coping mechanisms, focusing on promoting healthier alternatives and providing compassionate guidance.

1 week from now // 2023-10-15 13:00
Developing Positive Habits to Control Anxiety
Learn effective strategies for developing positive habits to manage and control anxiety, helping you to live a happier and more balanced life.

1 week from now // 2023-10-15 15:00
The Effect of High Self-Esteem on Personal Performance
Discover the profound impact of high self-esteem on personal performance and fulfillment in this Forest session. Explore how a healthy self-image can drive motivation, resilience, and success in various aspects of life. Gain valuable insights on fostering self-confidence and unlocking your true potential.