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Parenting In The Forest

Welcome to the Forest! Parenting can be a challenging yet rewarding experience, and we want to be there for you every step of the way. In the Forest, you can get advice and support from our mental health professionals and fellow parents. Together, we can tackle any parenting problems that arise. From managing stress to setting boundaries and more, we are here to help. So let's get started on making parenting more enjoyable and manageable!

4 days from now @ 20:00
Hosted on Wednesday by Ayesha Jogi
Mindful parenting strategies for staying present and engaged in your child with Ayesha Jogi
Practice active listening: When your child is talking to you, give them your full attention. Put down your phone, make eye contact, and actively listen to what they are saying without interrupting or judging. Be present in the moment: Try to stay present and engaged with your child when you...

1 week from now @ 21:00
Hosted on Wednesday by Melissa smith
Support group for parents with teenagers with Melissa Smith
This support group will be about holding a space for parents facing challenges while parenting teens. The session will include strategies for parents to implement with their teens. The journey is always worth it when we do it together. A little about Melissa: Melissa Smith is a registered counsellor with...

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