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Self-Esteem In The Forest

Hello everyone in the Forest! Self-esteem can be a tricky thing, but it doesn't have to be. Self-esteem is how we think and feel about ourselves, and it's important to remember that it can take time to develop. Everyone experiences ups and downs when it comes to self-esteem, and it's normal to feel down sometimes. The Forest is here to help you develop healthy habits, set achievable goals, and practice self-care to help you build and maintain a strong sense of self-esteem. So don't be afraid to ask for help and reach out to the mental health professionals in the Forest.

1 hour from now @ 18:00
Hosted on Tuesday by Snow πŸŽβ„οΈπŸ¦
Fitness with SnowπŸŽβ„οΈ β†’
Join me Snow for some fun and stress relieving chair exercises. This is the perfect way to end your day and dissolve all the stress and tension away. RULES..... 1. Do your best and exercise at your own pace. 2. DON'T push yourself too far. 3. Any questions are welcome....

21 hours from now @ 14:00
Hosted on Wednesday by Aneeqa Abrahams
Building self-awareness β†’
This session will focus on developing self-awareness, which is the foundation of healthy self-esteem. We'll explore techniques for identifying our strengths and weaknesses, understanding our values and beliefs, and recognizing our unique contributions to the world.

1 day from now @ 10:30
Hosted on Thursday by Reoikantse Shadi
How to identify and challenge negative thought patterns that contribute to low self-esteem β†’
Do you struggle with negative thoughts and low self-esteem? Join the session to learn how to identify negative thoughts, reframe them and tools you need to improve your self-esteem.

2 days from now @ 11:00
Hosted on Friday by Senzekile Shongwe
Assertiveness and setting boundaries β†’
Join this session to learn about the importance of setting healthy boundaries and asserting their needs and boundaries in relationships and social situations. We will explore practical strategies for communicating assertively and standing up for ourselves in a confident and respectful manner.

4 days from now @ 14:00
Hosted on Sunday by Kavisha Chandrakassi
Overcoming negative self-talk β†’
In this session, we'll explore the impact of negative self-talk on our self-esteem and learn strategies for overcoming self-doubt and self-criticism. We'll discuss techniques for reframing negative self-talk and building a more positive inner dialogue.

2 weeks from now @ 12:30
Hosted on Wednesday by Senzekile Shongwe
JSE Forest session | Journey within: Self awareness in the workplace β†’
Join us in the Forest as Fawzia Suliman unpacks self awareness with Senzekile Shongwe.

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