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Goal-Setting In The Forest

Welcome to the Forest! Goal-setting can be a great way to stay motivated and make progress towards your goals. However, sometimes it can be difficult to stay on track, or even to know where to start. That's why the Forest is here to help. With the support of our professional moderator, we can help you set realistic, achievable goals, stay motivated, and make progress towards them. So come join us in the Forest and let's get started!

2 days from now @ 09:00
Hosted on Thursday by Reoikantse Shadi
How to build productive habits and achieve your goals
This session will introduce attendees to the science of habits and provide practical tips for building productive habits that can help achieve personal and professional goals.

3 days from now @ 09:00
Hosted on Friday by Sizwe Savale
How to set goals that are challenging yet achievable
Want to learn how to set goals that challenge and motivate you, without overwhelming you? Join this session as we explore the science of goal setting and the secrets of staying motivated.

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