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Communication In The Forest

Welcome to the Forest! Communication is one of the most important aspects of the Forest. It's important to remember that open, honest and respectful communication is key to any successful mental health conversation. However, sometimes communication can be a challenge - it can be hard to listen to others, express our own thoughts and feelings, or even stay on topic. But don't worry, the Forest is here to help! With the guidance of our dedicated mental health professionals, you will have the tools and support to have meaningful conversations and build strong relationships. Let's get started!

4 hours from now @ 12:00
Hosted on Saturday by Pfarelo Mathivha
How to open up and seek support
This session explores the importance of effective communication when it comes to discussing mental health. Learn how to identify supportive individuals, how to communicate your needs and expectations, and how to set boundaries.

7 hours from now @ 15:00
Hosted on Saturday by Senzekile Shongwe
Communication and self-expression
"In this session, we will focus on communication and self-expression. We will explore the importance of expressing oneself clearly and authentically in communication, and discuss techniques for developing self-awareness and communicating one's needs, wants, and values effectively. "

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