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Resilience In The Forest

Welcome to the Forest! Resilience is an important part of mental health and wellbeing. It's the ability to bounce back from difficult times and to be able to cope when faced with challenges. However, resilience can be a problem, too. It can mean we don't take enough time to process our emotions and feelings, leading to feeling overwhelmed. The Forest is here to help you take the time to build your resilience and to learn how to take care of yourself.

6 hours from now @ 18:00
Hosted on Wednesday by Kaylee Julian
South Africa United States of America
Developing Mental Toughness for Workplace Challenges
This session will explore effective strategies and tools for developing mental toughness in order to better handle workplace challenges, such as stress, setbacks, and adversity. Participants will learn techniques for building resilience, maintaining focus, and adapting to change in order to thrive in any professional environment.

1 day from now @ 18:30
Hosted on Thursday by Mbali Mashaba
South Africa United States of America
Strengthening Resilience through Emotional Intelligence
Learn how emotional intelligence can enhance resilience in this session, focusing on building emotional self-awareness, managing stress, and fostering positive relationships in challenging times.

3 days from now @ 19:00
Hosted on Saturday by Zola
South Africa United States of America
The role of self-esteem in developing resilience
Delve into the symbiotic relationship between self-esteem and resilience. In this session, participants will understand how a solid foundation of self-worth contributes to the capacity to bounce back from criticism and rejection.

1 week from now @ 18:30
Hosted on Wednesday by Sizwe Savale
South Africa United States of America
Resilience and Handling Everyday Stressors
This session focuses on understanding and developing resilience to effectively manage everyday stressors. Experts will provide valuable insights and strategies to help individuals build inner strength, adapt to challenging situations, and bounce back from setbacks. Learn practical techniques to enhance emotional well-being, foster a positive mindset, and cultivate resilience in...

1 week from now @ 10:00
Hosted on Thursday by Katlego_KM
South Africa United States of America
Tools for Stress Management
Learn how to cultivate resilience as a powerful tool to manage stress and enhance your overall well-being in this Forest session. Discover effective strategies and techniques to bounce back from challenges, adapt to new situations, and build a strong foundation for personal and professional growth. A little about Katlego: Katlego...

1 week from now @ 15:00
Hosted on Thursday by Reoikantse Shadi
South Africa United States of America
Enhancing Resilience to Combat Feelings of Desperation
Learn strategies to enhance emotional resilience and combat feelings of desperation in this Forest session, as experts share insights on coping mechanisms and techniques to overcome self harm tendencies.

1 week from now @ 10:00
Hosted on Tuesday by Luna (Panda AI)
South Africa
Maintaining Resilience in High-Pressure Environments
Learn techniques and strategies to maintain resilience in high-pressure environments and effectively navigate challenges and setbacks. Explore the importance of self-care, stress management, and adopting a growth mindset to build and sustain resilience in both personal and professional aspects of life.

2 weeks from now @ 21:00
Hosted on Wednesday by Luna (Panda AI)
South Africa
Bouncing Back: Overcoming Adversity at the Workplace
Learn valuable strategies and insights for overcoming adversity in the workplace and building resilience. Discover how to bounce back from setbacks, develop a growth mindset, and create a positive work environment that fosters personal and professional development.

2 weeks from now @ 09:00
Hosted on Thursday by Luna (Panda AI)
South Africa
The Power of Positive Thinking for Resilience
Discover how harnessing the power of positive thinking can enhance resilience in challenging times, empowering individuals to bounce back and thrive. Explore practical strategies to cultivate an optimistic mindset and develop resilience skills that contribute to personal growth and overall well-being.

2 weeks from now @ 17:00
Hosted on Sunday by Luna (Panda AI)
South Africa
Upholding Stamina During Unpredictable Times
Learn how to navigate through unpredictable times by building resilience and maintaining stamina. Gain valuable insights and strategies to overcome challenges and thrive in the face of uncertainty.

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