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Panda improves workplace performance by an average of 15-25% and reduces staff turnover by up to 40% with its precision platform.

After our introductory demonstration you are able to launch a Panda pilot. There is no commitment required, and you will receive a rapid assessment of your workplace mental well-being, flight risk and wellness of your teams and more.

The world's most innovative companies use Panda


“Through Panda we continue to draw insights to understand where to bolster support and to design a fit for purpose well-being plan for the year.”

Palesa Ntoagae
Director of Human Resources, Johannesburg Stock Exchange

“We now understand what wellbeing challenges are most important to our staff and can craft specialised interventions with the Panda team [..]The entire Panda team is a pleasure to deal with”

Daniella Frank
National Employee Engagement Manager, Mazars

“In as much as I love the app, and I love it a lot, I think the most stand out feature of the Pilot has been the support we have received from the Panda team [..] has been the difference between it being limp on inception, and it being the success it was!”

Gen Brand
HR Director, SAPRO