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Join sessions in the Forest where you can join & participate in live audio-only sessions about a wide variety of mental health related topics. Join the community and connect anonymously with experts and peers facing similar challenges


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weekly highlights


Tuesday, May 24, 19:00

Internal vs External Motivation

with Nontozamo Tsetse


Wednesday, May 25, 18:00

The ABC's of Behaviour

with Shani Lits (Zuk)


Thursday, May 26, 10:00

Sadness is part of life for everybody. But what should I do if I feel sad MOST of the time?

with Pfarelo Mathivha


Friday, May 27, 18:00

Can you recognise the signs of a toxic relationship?

with Dr Anne Govender


Saturday, May 28, 9:00

How do I deal with a break-up? I didn't know it would be this hard..

with Pfarelo Mathivha


Saturday, May 28, 13:00

Using Mindfulness Techniques to help with depression

with Reoikantse Shadi


Saturday, May 28, 18:00

Black Tax: What does it mean, and how does it affect me?

with Pfarelo Mathivha


Sunday, May 29, 9:00

Am I an addict?

with Dawie Marais