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Join sessions in the Forest where you can join & participate in live audio-only sessions about a wide variety of mental health related topics. Join the community and connect anonymously with experts and peers facing similar challenges


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weekly highlights


Thursday, October 6, 18:00

Two and a half men. A relationships angle: Men as partners, fathers, friends

with Zamo Mbele & Tumi Sole


Friday, October 7, 12:00

#FinanceFridays: Let's talk about financial wellness/wellbeing

with Kash Parker


Friday, October 7, 13:00

LGBTQIA+ and mental health

with Kavisha Chandrakassi


Saturday, October 8, 8:00

How to start your mental health journey?

with Dawie Marais


Sunday, October 9, 17:00

How does the way we navigate love relationships affect our overall wellness? Part 3: In a relationship or married

with Mona Monyane


Monday, October 10, 18:00

Rejection in the workplace

with Bohlale Paile


Tuesday, October 11, 18:00

How social media can impact our mental health and body image

with Nadia Jaftha


Wednesday, October 12, 18:00

What the bleeps is for supper? Reducing stress around family meals

with Berj & Jhana


Thursday, October 13, 16:00

Is exam stress getting to you?

with Reoikantse Shadi


Friday, October 14, 12:00

#FinanceFridays: How to advocate for yourself in the workplace, and get paid your worth

with Kash Parker