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We are on a mission to democratize mental health care by empowering people to be proactive on their mental health journey. Panda is available for free, download it below and get started.

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Panda learns about you and your needs, and provides content that is tailored to you as you join our gym for your mind.

Digital Group Sessions
The Panda Forest is an easy entry point to learning about your mental health. A safe space to learn, ask questions, and listen to others on topics from parenting to depression.
Track and Measure
Panda helps you to assess and track your mental health - providing you with tools to objectively measure how you are doing so that you can ensure optimal mental well-being.
Right Care, Right Time
From our drop in digital Forest sessions to assessments, private 1:1 therapy and text-based chat, Panda will guide you through the right care at the right time for you.
Results Driven Care
Using Panda 8 times a month leads to a 15% month-on-month improvement in mental well-being - that's just twice a week on average!

Panda is free.

The basic Panda app is available for all users, free of charge. With 14 daily sessions, content, assessments, and more, you can get started with Panda today.

Everything you need

Contained in one easy-to-use app

Panda provides proactive and reactive care, as well as a range of tools to help you manage your mental health.

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Live Group Forests
Anonymously join the Forest at any time to listen in to topics from anxiety to depression, parenting to work-life balance and more. Find your community and support others!
Safe and Secure
You choose how and when to disclose information, and can participate in group sessions without providing any personally identifiable information.
Panda helps you to assess and track your mental health - providing you with tools to objectively measure how you are doing.
Self-guided content
Check out our library of resources which will provide you with content to learn and practice mental well-being.
Therapists, coaches and counsellors
Panda allows you to schedule time with a registered professional and receive 1:1 support, via text-based chat or directly.
Write in your Panda journal daily, and score how you feel, to keep track of your mental wellness journey.

Download Panda for free
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Panda is available for free, including access to Forests, assessments, content and much more. Start your journey to a happier, healthier you.