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The world is suffering from a mental health pandemic. It will cost the world $16 trillion p.a. by 2030, and impacts almost 1 billion people annually.

This pandemic is not only impacting individuals and families, but it also creates a massive burden on business. Panda aims to solve these problems.

Integrations to over 57 platforms

Panda integrates directly with your HR systems

  • OysterHR
  • Employment Hero
  • Google Workspace
  • HR Partner
  • Hibob
  • ADP Workforce Now
  • PeopleHR
  • Breathe
  • PayCaptain
  • Microsoft Entra ID
  • HR Cloud
  • Paycor
  • AlexisHR
  • PayFit
  • Factorial
  • AllianceHCM
  • IntelliHR
  • Lucca
  • SAP SuccessFactors
  • Freshteam
  • Okta
  • ClayHR
  • Personio
  • Nmbrs
  • Keka
  • Gusto
  • UKG Pro
  • 7shifts
  • ChartHop
  • UKG Ready
  • Lano
  • PingOne
  • Square Payroll
  • BambooHR
  • Zenefits
  • Workday
  • Insperity Premier
  • Justworks
  • Rippling
  • Namely
  • Humaans
  • Deel
  • Altera Payroll
  • Ceridian Dayforce
  • UKG Pro Workforce Management
  • Sage HR
  • OneLogin
  • Paychex
  • CyberArk
  • Officient
  • JumpCloud
  • TriNet
  • Paylocity
  • Sapling
  • Sesame
  • Charlie
  • Proliant

Proactive mental care for high performance staff

Panda drives immediate impact on high and low risk staff, creating real business value in as little as 30-days from launch.

of all users improve
> 85%
Average monthly improvement
Average B2B Usage
> 48%
Average B2B ROI

Rapid diagnostic

Panda starts with a rapid diagnostic of the workforce and teams. The Panda31 measures over 70 critical factors that impact mental health, culture and performance.

Private Forests

Panda begins to run private group sessions and coaching pods to address the biggest concerns in your organisation. These are run by our team of experts.

Panda Insights

The platform provides detailed flight risk, well-being scores, team culture and performance insights. These are used to drive the next steps in your organisation.

Act, Plan, Do, Check

Your Panda team will meet with you monthly, analysing the data and planning your content calendar, closed Forests, and coaching pods while addressing cultural issues.

“Through Panda we continue to draw insights to understand where to bolster support and to design a fit for purpose well-being plan for the year.”

Palesa Ntoagae
Director of Human Resources, Johannesburg Stock Exchange

“We now understand what wellbeing challenges are most important to our staff and can craft specialised interventions with the Panda team [..]The entire Panda team is a pleasure to deal with”

Daniella Frank
National Employee Engagement Manager, Mazars

“In as much as I love the app, and I love it a lot, I think the most stand out feature of the Pilot has been the support we have received from the Panda team [..] has been the difference between it being limp on inception, and it being the success it was!”

Gen Brand
HR Director, SAPRO

Up to 60% of resignations are a result of culture or mental stress, and 14.5% of work hours are lost a month to a lack of care.

Panda provides real, proactive and reactive care for your employees. With an average B2B utilization of over 45% and an 80% improvement rate, Panda is the most effective way to care for your employees.


Active platform users

With unique plans for every staff member.


Engaged Panda users improve their well-being by 15% month-on-month.

Requiring only 2 utilizations per week.


Average ROI on Panda

With a 1-year contract, Panda pays for itself in the first 90 days on average.

The world's most innovative companies use Panda


You cannot improve what you cannot track

Panda provides real-time data on your employees' well-being, allowing you to identify and address issues before they become problems and provide long term sustainable change.

Stop your losses
14.5% of work hours are lost due to mental health. Over 50% of resignations associate mental health or bad workplace culture with their reasons for leaving.
Proven proactive care
Panda is proven to improve the life satisfaction and work performance or longevity of high risk and low risk staff. High engagement with Panda leads to a 15% month-on-month improvement.
Precision platform
Panda provides AI-individualized per-human care, and uses its precision platform to deliver predictive mental health care for your highest performing teams.
Live insights
Panda rapidly assesses the mental wellbeing and culture of a workplace, identifying flight risk for top performers, performance risk, burnout triggers and more.
Understand culture
Track and analyze flight risk indicators like burnout, self-esteem issues, communication problems and more with detailed analytics and proactive interventions .
Content at your fingertips
Access our library of thousands of topics, from anxiety to sleep, and everything in between. Something missing? Let the Panda AI customize a content piece for your business.

How much additional value does Panda deliver to your staff?

Panda takes care beyond traditional EAPs, to an employee wellness and organizational effectiveness platform that drives real value for your business. Improving and proactively managing employee mental health leads to a happier, healthier, and more productive workforce that can sustain high performance without burnout.

50 10,000

Panda utilization

more employees utilize care yearly with Panda vs EAPs.

Work hours increased

additional days of work per year with Panda vs EAPs.

Less resignations

less staff resign per year with Panda vs EAPs.

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